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Lab Track: Rocketman by Iron Horse

In general, I tend to shy away from old classics as Lab Tracks in favor of new science-themed songs that few people know about, just because I like introducing people to new songs and artists. It’s not to say old classics aren’t just as worthy of having their own feature; …


What A Saxophone Looks Like: A Lesson for Stock Photographers

Earlier this week, the Texas Classroom Teachers Association posted an image that was supposed to spread the word about Music in Our Schools Month and celebrate all the benefits a high-quality music education has to offer. Unfortunately, whoever was responsible for the image did not get a high-quality music education. …

Lab Tracks

Lab Track: Electric Love

We here at the Lab are kind of obsessed with Bob’s Burgers. Amy has dressed as Louise for CONvergence before, and there have been more than a few rumblings of doing a full group cosplay someday. Today’s track comes straight from an episode of the show’s third season, entitled Topsy. …


American Girl Magazines from the Swingin’ Sixties

My sister and I flew home to California this past weekend for my grandmother’s memorial service. My family organized the whole thing, and one thing I’ve learned from the experience is that to do a memorial properly, you need tons of photos of your loved one: there are obituaries and …


This is Your Voice on Hormones

I recently got the privilege to see Laura Jane Grace perform live. Grace is the founder, guitarist, and lead singer of the band Against Me! who made headlines for being the one of the most high-profile musicians to come out as transgender. She was actually a last-minute addition to the …


Feed this From-Scratch Tofu Turkey to Your Favorite Omnivores

This year, my little sister Eva celebrated her 10-year anniversary of going vegan. (She’s only 23. You do the math.) For the first few years, my mom had a rough time trying to come up with things we could all eat together, but over time we all got the hang …


Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emoji

Viral-content website Mashable recently asked Bill Nye if he could explain the basic concepts of evolution using emoji. The idea was that the generation that grew up with Bill Nye explaining science to them (yours truly, for one) didn’t have the luxury of text messaging, cat memes, or videos of …


The Mad Art Lab Secular Christmas Playlist, 2014 Version

It can be awkward to be a nonbeliever during the Christmas season. That’s why last year, we gave you a Spotify playlist full of Christmas songs that were totally free of gods, baby gods, mothers of gods, donkeys of gods, stars that gods supposedly put up in the sky to …