Trick or Treat…or BRAINS!

Rob and I love “The Walking Dead” and, though the girls cannot under any circumstance watch it, they have also become similarly obsessed with the concept of all things zombies with the help of the video game “Plants Vs. Zombies”. This year’s idea for Halloween costumes was an easy choice: …


Happy Halloween 2013, Mad Art Lab!

I thought I’d bring a little bit of Halloween to the lab today. Our family loves Halloween; for us, it’s something we all participate in and enjoy. I will reveal our costumes from this year in a future post. Today, I wanted to share the pumpkins our family carved into …

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A Unique Way to See Sea Turtles

About a year ago our family went on a Caribbean cruise, and one of the stops was Grand Cayman. At the time my oldest daughter, Zoë, was interested in a career in science but hadn’t yet settled on which field of scientific research to pursue. Once we visited the “Cayman …

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Giraffe: A Pain in the Neck for Science?

Did you know that the giraffe’s neck is proof of a god of some sort? Neither did I until a few years ago when I was becoming an atheist. I was surprised by how many times I saw information like the following from Project Creation: “…when a giraffe lowers its …

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Salt Therapy: Take It with a Grain of Salt

Recently, I’ve been hearing more and more about salt therapies, or halotherapy, and its supposed benefits. According to the .pdf I just linked to in my opening sentence, “Salt Therapy is the best known method to detox lungs and remove toxins naturally. It is a drug-free, non-invasive treatment, that alleviates …

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Catch Me If You Can: Hummingbirds

While at the in-laws this weekend, I saw numerous hummingbirds fly to the feeder on the front porch. I happened to have my camera, so I went outside to snap a couple of photos. Unfortunately, every time I opened the door, the hummingbirds vanished. I’d sit on the porch, looking …


Oooh, You Just Got Burned, Part 2

As I promised last week, this week I was going to share “home remedies” for the treatment of sunburns. My findings are hardly “scientific”, and they are just those of a  mother who had an entire family that got sunburns. Before I begin listing each regiment we tried, I want …


Oooh, You Just Got Burned: Part 1

I avoid the sun. Don’t be surprised if you see me walking around town with a parasol. I’ve been burned too many times to know that I should fear it and what it does to my skin and I strive to protect my family from sun exposure, yet last Sunday, …