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Better Know a Herpetologist

I’ve decided to try to get back into some regular blogging and since I’ve been in contact with so many cool scientists lately, I’d like to start with a little mini-interview with Keely “HK” Smith, who studies amphibian chytrid fungus. Yes, that’s right, chytrid isn’t just a monster I made up …

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Science Avatars

Last week on Twitter, I put feelers out asking if anyone would be interested if I did a sale on custom avatars. Little caricature type drawings for US $20. I wanted to earn some extra cash to maybe buy some new salamanders (as is my wont, don’t judge) and maybe …

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Aquaria on the Cheap

This article originally ran on my (now semi-defunct) aquarium blog, but it’s good information if you want to try setting up a fish tank. I’d also like to write some follow up pieces on teaching kids a little bit about biochemistry by way of aquaria.  So You Want to Start …


Why John Cleese, why?

Yesterday morning, John Cleese–yes, that John Cleese–kicked off a breathtaking series of tweets with this gem: No. A sense of humour goes with a sense of perspective,which the PC police lack.Seriously,what do PCPs find funny ? — John Cleese (@JohnCleese) June 19, 2016   Now, OK, aside from the obvious …

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Speculative Biology via Twitter!

Last Friday, I started a game where via Twitter polls I collaborated with followers to make a planetary system, and will be doing a series of speculative biology illustrations to go with it. Here’s the discussion that led up to it. [View the story “SpecBio Crowdsource” on Storify]