Tiny Paintings Round Two

The second part of my Tiny Paintings project has been to send them out into the world; given away to friends.  I’ve also asked those friends to send or post pictures of the tiny paintings in their new homes, possibly with some small observer looking on. The idea being that …

dandelion seeds

Book Review: Dandelion Seeds

One of our Mad Art Lab alumni, Steve DeGroof, recently wrote a book basically by accident.  It was mentioned in the Quickies a couple weeks ago, and I finally overcame my slow reading speed of late to finish it.  My first pass impression (which is also a recommendation of “you’ll probably …

Tiny Painting of the worm from Labyrinth with the 4th Doctor observing

Tiny Paintings – Round One

For the past year my primary art form of puppetry hasn’t been happening in the way I want it to (too busy, dealing with too much personal stuff, collaborative partners not close by to keep my creative momentum going, and a few other excuses).  But what has happened has been …

Bone Sketches

Art, Guilt, Depression, and Self-Care.

One of the reasons my journey into puppetry has been so rewarding is because it lends itself to scratching multiple creative itches. I perform in local puppet slams, which scratch my theatrical and occasionally musical itches. I sometimes write scripts (though mine are rarely as good as the ones that …


Puppet Project we want to see

In this installment of “cool stuff I want to see made” there is a puppet crowd-funding project running that I really would love to see hit its goal. Vermin is aiming to be a more family friendly comedic web series by the people who brought us Transylvania-TV. Gordon Smuder was …

This ended up looking much more "childish" in style than I'd hoped it would, but it was a first attempt at starting from scratch and aping McKean's style. Though it does have a very "doodle" style, it's not the prettiest of things.
General Art

Show Us Your Ugly Things: Doodle Edition

This year many of my facebook friends started a “Doodle a Day” project on January first, but as I wasn’t planning ahead for it I waited till February to start myself. When it comes to performance art (puppetry) I tend to be of a “mash-up culture” mindset (for both the …

Mary Sue

Tim Vortex: Episodes 3 & 4

With the new year rolling around I apparently forgot to share our latest Death By Puppets videos here. Revenge of the Odlids represents, I think, a bit of a jump in the post production work our editor is able to pull off, and I also feel like I was making …

Mary Sue

Tim Vortex: Episode 2

Death By Puppets presents the next episode in our series Tim Vortex! The Last Spacemaster. This was the piece we performed for the DragonCon Puppet slam this year, and was also performed as part of another show with our friends at Felt Nerdy for the TimeGate convention this past spring. …