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Mad Art Cast: Happy Birthday Quickie

This week, we have a quickie episode about the song “Happy Birthday to You,” the oppressive copyright that keeps people from singing it in public settings, and the court case that seeks to change that. Some links: An Old Songbook Could Put ‘Happy Birthday’ in the Public Domain on The …

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Mad Art Cast: Lady Viagra Quickie

Recently, something the media is calling “Viagra for women” was in the news, and is on it’s way to being approved by the FDA for use. This week’s quickie episode has us (well, mostly A) all ranty about it. No, seriously, this is your fair warning — A uses the f-word a lot. …

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Mad Art Cast Episode 21: Hitler Music Quickie!

Is it possible that music is making you evil? This week’s quickie episode explores the strange conspiracy theories that surround 440 Hz, the frequency around which we tune virtually all modern Western music. We listen to some Pink Floyd and talk about Ted Gioia’s Daily Beast article, Are We All …

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Mad Art Cast: Neuroscience and Music with Special guest Indre Viskontas

Welcome to another episode of Mad Art Cast! This episode is super special because we have a brilliant guest who is a neuroscientist AND an opera singer! Joining us this week is Indre Viskontas! Indre is an expert at blending art and science and we are so excited to have …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #14 — Birdman!

It’s time for yet another episode of Mad Art Cast! On this week’s episode, the hosts talk about the award-winning film Birdman. SPOILERS AHOY! We get into the nitty gritty about what defines real theater, what the film’s fantastical scenes really meant, and why the hell a movie with so …

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Mad Art Cast: Social Media and the Creative with bonus Interview with Chemist, Ray Burks

Hello friends! Today we bring you another wonderful episode of Mad Art Cast!   This week, the gang has a discussion about social media, blogs and whether or not it is hurting or helping a new generation of artists. We talk about how sharing can bring your art to a …

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Mad Art Cast: Going Clear

In this episode, we discuss the HBO documentary film Going Clear. It’s the story of the Church of Scientology, from its self-help beginnings through to its present-day designation as a religion. The film, directed by Alex Gibney, is based on the book Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of …

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Mad Art Cast Episode #7 – Mars One, Bug Girl and Mattering!

w00t! Here’s Episode #7 -Mars One, Bug Girl and Mattering! This week the Mad Art Cast crew talks art, science, Mars One, our many sponsors, the transient nature of art and the need for fame … and how all that fits into busy lives. There is an interesting idea behind …