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Mad Art Cast with Elmo, Kristen Bell and Vaccines!

This week we bring you a quickie episode of Mad Art Cast where the gang gives you a run down on vaccines! Vaccines are good. You should get them. You know who else agrees? The Surgeon General and Elmo. We discuss this adorable public service video and the fact that the …

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Mad Art Cast- Creativity, Destruction and Pride

Hey friends it time for another episode of our podcast! Get to know your Mad Art Casters and the Dog of Doom! Listen to A’s radio voice, learn about her “un-imposter syndrome.” Follow Ashely’s cat, Aglet and learn to recognize when Brian is talking! Hear about the art we are …

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New Horizons – A Painting about a Spacecraft

This painting marks a point in time, when for the first time, a spacecraft sent from Earth traveled all the way to Pluto and the Kuiper belt. That text, along with some other cool facts that were looked over and recommended by my science adviser on this project, The Bad …

Mad Art CAst and coffee
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Mad Art Cast and Espresso

Coffee. It is arguably one of the most important elements in art. For centuries visual artists and other creators have gathered around chocolatey brown cups of the invigorating beverage to help them find inspiration and help them get through those long nights when deadlines loom. Writers, painters, dancers, actors, all forms …

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Radio Astronomers are LOOKING not Listening to the Cosmos

Support more of my science and art projects like this one on my Patreon. One of the myths about the science of radio astronomy is that scientists are listening to the cosmos in hopes of finding alien life. This myth has become part of popular culture primarily because of the …


A Tiny Bit of Mars You Can Hold in Your Hand

An astronomer friend of mine sent me a very odd package in the mail. The package had seven tiny glass capsules and in each hourglass-like container was a tiny bit of Mars! My friend had purchased these bits of Mars from Galactic Stone and Ironworks and the “bits of Mars” …


The Green Bank Telescope

The Green Bank Telescope is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory or NRAO for short. What is special about the Green Bank Telescope is that it is the world’s largest fully steerable radio astronomy telescope. From the NRAO website: The Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope, or GBT, is …

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This is the Painting That Started My #Patreon Project

I wanted to do a painting about DNA and so I did. But what I didn’t understand at the time was that those cool looking bars that connect the two sides of the DNA strand are called base pairs and that there are four specific types of nucleotide pairing. What …