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Space Innovation and Creativity with JPL Engineer Asad Aboobaker

This episode of Mad Art Cast has a special guest who knows a thing or two about heat and spacecrafts. Our special guest for this episode is the always charming and brilliant, Asad Aboobaker. Asad is an engineer for NASA at JPL who specializes in finding ways to radiate heat …

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Ugly Things and Cosplay with Mad Art Cast

This podcast features special guest artist, with a background in the applied sciences, Ryan Consell. Ryan is also a master cosplayer, burgeoning metalsmith an oddly enough, our Canadian version of David Tennant. We talk to Ryan about the time he nearly destroyed the internet with his gender bending Slave “Leo” costume. Ryan …

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Art Crimes and Forensic Science

This episode of Mad Art cast welcomes Dr Ray Burks as our expert scientist who teaches us the way art crimes are investigated. We also discuss some of the most infamous art heists in history including some of the FBI’s top ten art crimes. Here are some of the links …


Serotonin Painting

This painting is acrylic on canvas and is 16″ x 20″. This is a patron supported art project. This is painting of serotonin molecules acting as neurotransmitters in the brain. Because of the widespread use of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) this is the depiction and story of serotonin that …

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Hey there friends and fans of art and science! Today, I bring you a drawing that is called, GABA GABA Hey! Why yes, it does reference the Ramones and their catchy 1977 tune “Gabba Gabba Hey (Pinhead)” but because this here is an art and science project it also references …

A three-toed tree sloth hangs from the trunk of a tree in the jungle on the bank of the Panama Canal
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Are These Images Fake? Mad Art Cast Episode 39

You have probably seen these images floating around the inter-tubes over the past year but how can you tell which ones are fakes? And more importantly which ones are funniest? Mad Art Cast reports on this top list of falsified photos from 2015! We have favorites and opinions! Here are …

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Jesus Would Be Profiled By Airport Security, Mad Art Cast Ep 38

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode 38 where we talk about the forensic science of creating a realistic face for Jesus. That face may not be the face you were raised to believe in. In fact, it may be a face some people (mostly those of the republican variety) want …

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Can You Copyright Silence?

Welcome to Mad Art Cast Episode #37! First of all SO sorry for the delay in episodes! We had recorded an entire long form holiday gift guide episode but sadly the technology demons, likely sent out by Krampus, came in and destroyed one of the tracks. We tried and tried …