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Afternoon Snack 10.22.12


Apologies for not serving you a snack last week–I just went through a pretty hellish several days of grad school. Now, I could really use a drink.

Thankfully, Serious Eats’ booze writer Michael Dietsch recently posted an incredibly informative treatise on my favorite whiskey: a nice spicy rye. Won’t you join me for a dram?

The Serious Eats Guide to Rye Whiskey, as I said above, is incredibly informative. Dietsch covers not just the essential ingredients, distilling process, and history of rye, but also gets into the brands available today, how they relate to the history, and who actually distills them (and who just bottles someone else’s product). He (and some other commenters) also confirms that my go-to pick, Rittenhouse, is in fact the best bang for your buck.

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If the post makes you thirsty, follow the link at the end to learn about five essential rye cocktails–if you’ve never tried a rye Manhattan, you’ve been missing out. Or try the Downey Sour, a cocktail I invented for the first winner of the SkepchickCON Psychic Challenge.



If you have a suggestion for an Afternoon Snack, send me a tweet @aynsavoy or send us an email and mention “Afternoon Snack!”

Featured image from the Serious Eats article.

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