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A family’s history


Religion is to cult, as grass is to weeds, it’s all about perception. The unique aspect of Scientology is that it’s founding is only a few generations removed, there are people who can talk of their grand-father’s or great grandfather’s witnessing it’s birth, if they are so inclined. Some people can even tell of their great-grandfather establishing Scientology, Jamie DeWolf is one of those people. I met Jamie early on in my performance poetry life, and have watched an already engaging poet become a great all around performance artist; you should see the group poem, Ricochet in Reverse, he does with Geoff Trenchard about the Columbine Massacre, if you have time. But this post is about his performance from last year on Public Broadcasting, KQED in my home market, on a show called “Snap Judgement” that details his family’s history with Scientology.

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