Mad Quickies 2.13

Mad Quickies 2.13


Here’s something new from mathemusician Vi Hart:

She explains Space-Time with a music box and a Möbius Strip

Folding Space-Time

from the video
“Music has two recognizable dimensions — one is time, and the other is pitch-space. … There [are] a few things to notice about written music: Firstly, that it is not music — you can’t listen to this. … It’s not music — it’s music notation, and you can only interpret it into the beautiful music it represents.”


Stop-motion animation in the form of a popup book.
Revolution: Life Cycle of a Drop of Water

Found at Colossal.

from the page
The video depicts the revolutionary nature of the life cycle of a droplet of water and it’s cyclical journey. The project was a three-fold collaboration between myself, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon. From the original idea, through the creative development and process, our individual skill sets enabled the project to spring to life.

A film by Chris Turner, Helen Friel and Jess Deacon
Photography – Chris Turner:
Paper Engineer – Helen Friel:
Animation – Jess Deacon

Post Production – Neil Cunningham
Music and Sound – Joe Shetcliffe



Featured image is excerpted depicting suspension by the chin from “L’Art de Nager” by Melchisédech Thévenot (1696).


Geologic Universe, vault-keeper. Sheer Brick Studio, principal. Dark Øverlord Media, designer. Bethlehem Mounties, media. Skepchick.


  1. Both videos were beautiful. Nice haul this week!

  2. Thanks, lady! Glad you enjoyed them.

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