Skeptic Art from Jill

Skeptic Art from Jill

Some of you who read Skepchick might remember Jill Powell, who was a contributor to the site for a long time. Jill’s schedule meant she had to leave regular contributing but she recently contacted us, wanting to help out. She’s creating a series of skeptical images that we’re using for various features and supplemental artwork on Skepchick. Check out a few of them below the fold and keep an eye on Skepchick for lots more to come!

Maria Walters (a.k.a. Masala Skeptic) has spent a lot of time in ‘furrin parts,’ including Hong Kong, Trinidad, and Pittsburgh. Although her passport is from India, she’s spent most of her adult life in the United States. She currently lives in Atlanta and has an unhealthy affection for science fiction, Neil Gaiman and all things Muppet.


  1. These are great! Collaboration is my favorite! :)

  2. I <3 the loneliest dinosaur!

  3. Jill- I love your work! My fave here is “feeding the trolls”. Just perfect, down to the Trololo.

  4. YAY!!! The internet needs more Jill!!!

  5. Is it weird that I want to buy a drink for that fish-lady?

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