Sunday Morning Illusion

Sunday Morning Illusion

I’ve been helping some friends move. Ikea furniture reminded me of this gem.

If anyone can find the original source, I’d be greatful.

By Ryan
Ryan Consell is a skeptical artist, tap-dancing armorer, juggling scientist, rock-climbing writer, sword-fighting math teacher, uni-cycling gamer, fire-spinning academic and devout nerd. He has a Masters in Applied science, most of a bachelors in Fine Arts, and a very short attention span. He is the author of How Not to Poach a Unicorn and half of the masochistic comedy duo that is Creative Dissonance. Follow him on Twitter @StudentofWhim


  1. I did find this:

  2. Good luck finding the original of that. My dad had a photostat copy of that up in his workshop well before I was born. And I’m not exactly young.

  3. Yeah, the best I could manage was that the term “Trichotometric Indicator Support” first shows up in print around 1965 in “Machine design, Volume 37″ and “Road & Track, Volume 17″. Chances are the drawing existed before that, though.

  4. My brain hurts now.

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