Sunday Morning Illusion

Sunday Morning Illusion

This year’s Illusion of the Year Contest winners have been announced. I’m going to present a few of my favorites over the next couple of weeks. First up, the worst named and most disturbing of them.

From Jason Tangen, Sean Murphy and Matthew Thompson at the University of Queensland, Australia. They won second prize but it is, I think, the most compelling to see.  Enjoy.

Featured image is the logo of the Illusion of the Year Contest.

By Ryan
Ryan Consell is a skeptical artist, tap-dancing armorer, juggling scientist, rock-climbing writer, sword-fighting math teacher, uni-cycling gamer, fire-spinning academic and devout nerd. He has a Masters in Applied science, most of a bachelors in Fine Arts, and a very short attention span. He is the author of How Not to Poach a Unicorn and half of the masochistic comedy duo that is Creative Dissonance. Follow him on Twitter @StudentofWhim

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  1. I LOVE illusions! Not getting anything else done this morning…

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