Mass Interview with Mad Art Lab

The Geek Life

This week, I took over The Geek Life podcast and invited my fellow MAL contributors along for the ride. Do you want to hear the sweet, sweet voices of nearly a dozen Mad Art Lab bloggers? Do you want to want to hear Victor read poetry? Do you want to learn more about Sparklecorn? Of course you do!

Melissa Kaercher is a multimedia artist, podcaster, skeptic, science nerd, and meatspace network node. She is also Queen of the Lizard People.


  1. Hey Amy, I did a quick googlin’ and found someone who made pizza in a kiln:

    We’ve gotta try it next month!

  2. Ha! We should!

  3. They sell little hobby kilns for making beads. They are tiny and adorable. I have always wanted one. We should get one. It would be the ULTIMATE Easy Bake Oven!

  4. I want a baby kiln! I could make skeptical chia pets!

  5. Apparently a chiathulhu exists.

  6. Just listened to the show, it was funny as shit.

    Two questions.

    How many farts would it take to power a car to drive from Boston to LA?

    How come there is nobody on MAL named Reynolds?

  7. @Rasputin Answers: 171,546 and because.

    @chebutykin: I fully support the chia pet project.

  8. I’m just about to listen to this now, but the whole post is already a win due to the crazy non-sequitur comment thread.

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